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  • Loz & Thomo try their hands at… Wheel Throwing??

    Recently Loz & Thomo had the privilege of spending the day over at TAFE SA Light Square campus to get a little...
  • Loz & Thomo were joined by a former rival brekky host… Things got pretty hectic.
  • WATCH: The Honey Badger plays “Badge Game” with his voice twin, Thomo
  • WATCH: Loz turns to MyBudget to sort out her hideous debt…
  • Loz’s Revenge: She Surprised Thomo With An Actual Snake Live On Air..

  • Wavelength: How do you know when you’re ready to buy your first home?

    "I was 19 years old and I probably didn't know the full extent of what I was getting into" - Thomo, Fresh 92.7 Brekky...
  • Wavelength: Do you compare your life to others on social media?
  • Wavelength: How can you tell if you’re being catfished?
  • Wavelength: The Federal Election Convo
  • Wavelength: Should we drop meat from our diet?

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