In Felicity Ward’s world every depressed person would be assigned one (1) drunk girl from a nightclub bathroom by government mandate, inspirational quotes and champagne flutes would be banned, and a bit of casual racism would be the bedrock of a strong marriage.

It’s this logic that has seen Ward become one of Australia’s most adored comedians, but perhaps we should start calling her British; she’s lived there for the last five years and she’ll let you know in the first five minutes of her show.

But ~moving to the UK~ isn’t is as glamorous as it sounds.

During Busting a Nut Ward tackles the often-wacky perspectives of a woman who had to live with her partner’s parents for a year during her mid-30s.

Whether she’s gratuitously unpacking the various traumas handed down to her by her mum, poking fun at hot yoga, or berating herself for her exhausting wedding requirements, Ward is absolutely hilarious.

There were actual tears of laughter shed by the crowd during the “enforced” encore that wasn’t really an encore (but I won’t give anything away on that front).

Her brilliantly lanky physical comedy is perhaps the highlight of the show, especially the incredibly accurate impersonation of a drunk Hindley Street girl that nails every single trait that we all lowkey adore.

It is good to have Ward back in Australia, and I’m sure she’s relieved that she can say the ‘c’ word to audiences without fear of being gasped off stage.

Busting a Nut is a show that is quintessentially Aussie and quintessentially Felicity Ward, so go bust one with her.

4.5/5 stars

Busting a Nut has finished its Adelaide Fringe 2019 season.