You thought the latest Gucci sneakers would break the bank, well think again!

A note written by a young Aubrey Drake Graham aka our beloved Drake has gone up for sale for….are you ready for it….over a whopping $10,000!! Talk about expensive! Who knew a piece of flimsy old paper could be worth so much??

I don’t know about you, but you would have to be one bloody die-hard fan to fork that much out of your pocket! Even if it is for something from THE Champagne Papi himself.

Reportedly written for his mother, the handwritten signed message shows Drake’s promise to clean up his room in return for car lifts in the mornings. The letter reads, “I will clean my room when I come home”. In response, someone wrote back, “In order to receive 8:15am rides this week – room must be clean + bathroom must be clean. AS PROMISED FRI JAN, 18TH!!!”

Lol, Drizzy would be laughing now! After developing a bloody impressive net worth of $140 million, he doesn’t have to worry about doing chores for his rides any more.

Also, on the back of the note, the then aspiring rapper created his own biography, giving us an exclusive insight into how he dreamed of becoming one of the biggest stars in the world.

In the self-made bio, the Canadian rapper made a list of the things he would mention, including:

“Aubrey sings, raps, and acts (list some of the things I have done”

“Dad was in a blues band and when allowed, I would watch him play and sometimes get up and sing”

“Aubrey lives for music”

The bio also sheds some light of his childhood idols such as B.I.G., Michael Jackson, Jay Z, R Kelly, Usher and many more R&B legends.

According to TMZ, this ripped out page from Drake’s old lyrics book, was found in a rubbish bin near his grandfather’s old furniture factory where he used to work in Toronto.

It is up for sale through Moments in Time, a memorabilia company selling celebrity letters, documents and autographs.

To see the full note provided by TMZ, visit here.


Photo Cred: @champagnepapi instagram

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