A café in the UK have taken the average English Breakfast, and given it a good ol’ Frankensteining.

The Mega Breakfast, as its creators are calling it, is so obscenely large it has to be served in a family sized pizza box. It’s also said to require seven burly men to deliver it to your table.

If you’re ordering the beastly meal, you’ll find yourself with eight sausages, six rashers of bacon, four fried eggs, four hash browns, four black puddings, beans, mushrooms, tomatoes and four slices of toast.

I mean, if that doesn’t fill you up then there is something very wrong with you. Both physically and emotionally.

According to the café owner, Katerleanae Carroll, the idea for the mammoth meal came to her when their ‘extra-large brekky’ just wasn’t cutting the mustard.

‘People were saying they wanted more, so my son came up with the Mega Breakfast and it’s been a massive hit ever since.’

I mean, LOOK AT IT:

Photo: Peter Harbour / Hull Daily Mail

Photo: Peter Harbour / Hull Daily Mail

Two things:

A: Where can we get one of these in Adelaide?

And B: Who will perform CPR on us when after we eat the meal??

Asking for a friend.

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