This week on Wavelength we brought you stories on the newest wildlife development for SA, the impact of the drug ecstasy, the local live music scene in Adelaide and the impact of technology on our driving habits.

Birds are a concern for the State government at the moment; so much a massive bird sanctuary will be built to protect both local and international bird species. We spoke to Arkellah Irving, the Community Involvement and Planning Co-ordinator for the National Bird Sanctuary to give us the lowdown on the sanctuary and the economic and environmental benefits of conservation.

With so much focus on the impacts of hard drugs such as ice, we thought it was time to open up a conversation about the use of ecstasy amongst young people in Adelaide. We spoke to Sergeant Michael Murphy about the consequences of being caught with the drug, and we also got your insights into the use of ecstasy.

This week we spoke to Lisa from Music SA and Pat from Future Sounds who chatted to us about the strengths of our live electronic music scene here in Adelaide, and how supporting the live music community has a positive impact both creatively and economically.

Smart phones and hand held devices in general have not only effected how we communicate and consume media, they have also impacted our driving habits. We spoke to Sergeant John Illingworth from the Road Safety Centre at the SA Police who explained the law and penalties for using mobile phones when behind the wheel, as well as what is being done to combat this behaviour.

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