The start of the year is always a magical time of the year. The weather’s warm, Adelaide starts to get into gear for the festival season, and we roll out the Cash Unlock so you can win a handy $2,000!

We’re desperate to give this $2,000 away. We cannot wait. So, winning this money is super easy. It’s holding onto it that’s the hard part… because once you have the cash, the rest of Adelaide is gonna hound you so that they can flog it for themselves.

The Cash Unlock ReVault starts Monday, January 23. Text “unlock”, your name and date of birth to 0428 927 927 to go into the draw, and we could be ringing you up in Breakfast to give you the $2,000! If you’re that lucky bastard, well done.

If you’re not the lucky bastard who wins, text in anyway. Every morning, we’ll be ringing up a challenger to take on the winner in a 3 question quiz. If you beat the winner in the quiz, you win the $2,000! But, that means everyone in Adelaide will be challenging you to a quiz each morning, and if you can’t beat them… you’ll lose them.

Whoever is holding onto the $2,000 prize on Friday, February 3rd will win the prize for good.

The Cash Unlock is sponsored by Police Credit Union – discover better banking and a better car loan for all South Australians!