A kick in the teeth. A stick in the eye. A gridlock induced by even MORE roadworks in Adelaide. A trip to Thailand is better than all of these things, right?

Gorgeous beaches, beautiful rainforests, and Phuket’s incredible nightlife are a quick app download away. You and a mate could be heading to Phuket with flights and accommodation all taken care of thanks to Whosewhere. All you have to do to enter is download their free app and head out to some of Adelaide’s hottest venues to enter the draw!

Whosewhere is a brand new way for you to meet the people who’ll be going to the gigs, festivals, clubs, events and parties you’re planning to go to. If there’s somewhere you want to go, Whosewhere will show you who else is going so you can make some friends. If there’s somewhere you haven’t been before, you can hit up the people who are going and suss out the situation.

Whosewhere will let you suss the bars you want to go to before you go

Whosewhere will let you suss the bars you want to go to before you go

Whosewhere isn’t just limited to Adelaide – if you’re planning on travelling overseas, you can chat to the locals and start to make some connections! (Sure would be handy if you were heading to somewhere like Thailand, right?)

Entering the draw is simple:

  • Download Whosewhere on the App Store or Google Play,
  • Plan a trip to the Black Bull or the Woolshed on the advised dates
  • To improve your chances, take a photo while you’re at the venue and chuck it on Instagram with the hashtag #whosewheretheapp

…that’s it!

The competition will be drawn in the last week of April, so get in before April 25th to go on a holiday that’ll make your mates VERY jealous.

More info is at the Whosewhere Facebook Page.


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