Get your mind out of the gutter, this is serious sorcery we’re talking about.

Dom Chambers is back at the Adelaide Fringe to deliver a marvellous performance in his new show; A Boy and His Deck.

Chambers is no stranger to showing off his deck skills in public, particularly to the judge panel of America’s Got Talent where he made it all the way to the semi-finals!

Dom is not your ordinary—pull a rabbit out of hat—type of magician, and he certainly doesn’t dress the part, but this nonchalance is exactly what differentiates him from other artists and what the audience loves. His charismatic intensity thrives on the stage and complements his tricks perfectly.

The show possesses originality as it follows a narrative about his passion for card tricks throughout his adolescence. Chambers cleverly demonstrates his tricks by associating them to stories from his past, making for a pretty personal experience. His finesse leaves the audience absolutely gobsmacked by how faultlessly he’s able to execute each trick.

A key takeaway from the show, besides questioning the entire concept of science, is an admiration for Chambers’ ability to make card manipulation as entertaining as he does. He begins with some basic card guessing tricks, but as the night progresses, they become much more intricate and downright mindboggling.

He puts a cheeky spin on classic card trickery in true Chambers style. You can’t have a late-night magic show without a few suggestive innuendoes, the use of a condom, and a retro bikini card pack.

A friendly tip, avoid sitting at the front unless you’re keen for some audience participation because some of the tricks rely heavily upon a few assistants.

Being someone who’s never seen a real-life magic show, I can safely say the bar has been set extremely high. Talk about a finale! I know they say save the best till last, but man did he end on a high note.

You’ve got to see this one for yourself folks.

4 out of 5 stars.

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