You know those 90s TV aerobics classes, with the bright colours and the spandex? Now add incredible circus acts and hilarity along the way, and you’ve got Werk It!

These guys are pulling off some jaw dropping stuff on stage, and it makes you wonder how they can make you laugh and not hurt themselves at the same time. They’re incredibly skilled for being able to entertain in stunts as well as comedy, and it’s a great mix!

This high energy performance is essentially a dangerous workout routine (sometimes going wrong, but don’t worry, it’s all part of the fun), accompanied by the super extra clothing and a spot-on soundtrack.

The Hillside Theatre at Gluttony is the open-air venue for this one, and the show goes on rain or shine, so definitely check the weather (unfortunately umbrellas are not permitted). The picnic area is a good option if you’re with your mates, but get in line a little early so you can shotgun a spot with the best view of the stage.

I don’t want to give too much more away, so at $26.25-$36 for 60 minutes of this kind of fun, I recommend you give this one a watch. Book on the Adelaide Fringe website here.


Photo Credit: Werk It Adelaide Fringe Show page

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