Ryley dropped a bombshell on the drive show today. The bearded running man has announced he will be finishing up with Fresh on December 22.

As you may know, Ryley has been a massive part of Fresh for many years now, from New Music Kaboom, The Kitchen, Drive and everything else he’s done.

Ryley feels now the time is right to put the focus on his business.

Come December 22, the office will be incredibly less hipster. Personal favourite memories of Ryley include his AVOCADO jumper, making coffee on his Bunsen burner, his desk cubicle being plastered in running and marathon badges and that time he ran a shitload of kilometres to raise money for the station with the Level Up!

Congratulations to Ryley on an EPIC stint at Fresh, we’re excited to see where your events business takes you, and we wish you the best of luck for the future.

You’ll still catch Ryley for a final farewell at the Alma Sunday Jan 14, hosting the Top 92 of 2017.

We’ll have an announcement on our new Brekky and Drive shows pretty soon… we can’t reveal much, but we’re pretty pumped with what we’ve got in store for you guys!