It’s that time of year; artists are wrapping up their releases before Christmas. Luckily for you, we have three killer tunes to get you through the music slump!

Jax Jones, Years & Years – Play

Ya boi’s Jax Jones and Years & Years have collaborated to create the pick-me-up anthem, ‘Play’. The UK DJ and the electro pop band have been busy throughout the year releasing song after song, so we’re stoked that they’ve ended the year on a high note. ‘Play’ features an uplifting beat and takes elements from Jones’ EDM and electro pop approach, but moves beyond from Years & Years’ typical synth pop style. Yet, this song manages to be a perfect middle ground for the artists. It’s super impressive how this song meshes with both their methodologies. Years & Years also wrapped up the last leg of their ‘Palo Santo’ tour recently in London, bringing special guest Jax Jones on stage to perform this ultra-catchy tune. To sum it up in one word, it’s UNREAL. Have a look at the little snippet of it below, and watch in awe of the dance moves:

China Roses – Outer

Support your locals and get around Outer’ by Adelaide’s electronic indie pop duo, China Roses. One half of the duo is producer Aletro, who’s had a few of his solo tracks copping spins on Fresh. The other half is part rapper, part vocalist and part queen, Jess Fisher. The pair have been making waves in the Adelaide music scene, and have been likened to the superb Mall Rat. The vibe of ‘Outer’ is OUT of this world (my lame joke quota has been reached now, I promise), mainly due to the super chilled, yet playful atmosphere it provides. Late last year they released the music video for another ripper song, ‘Spiritual’. It has some great shots of Adelaide and I would highly recommend a view. Catch it below:

Kaytranada Feat. Shay Lia – Chances

Last on the list for our weekly wrap up is ‘Chances’ by Kaytranada, featuring Shay Lia. Let me get straight to the point in saying that this song is perfect. The Canadian DJ, Kaytranada, and singer Lia have nailed it with this amazingly chilled out beat. I mean, hate it or love it but I want this song to be constantly in the background of my life. Kaytranada also hasn’t shied away from accolades after winning the Polaris Music Prize, which awarded his work on album ‘99.9%’ as the best full-length Canadian album. A huge achievement and a totally worthy recipient. We can’t wait to see what he does next!

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