Have you ever taken a photo of your food when the waiter pops your plate down on the table? Prepare to be roasted. Actually, if you’re a millennial and easily offended when someone insults your generation, maybe give this one a miss.

Arj Barker has always been a key favourite around Fringe time. In fact, he first opened his show ‘We Need To Talk’ at last year’s Fringe Festival.

Like many stand-up comedians do, the Californian opened at the Adelaide Arts Theatre with a quip about the Australian government in shambles, only to say that he wished to have ours over Trump’s government. Of course, this joke was well received with hearty laughter. I even heard a snort somewhere in the crowd.

Barker’s traditional observational comedic style was a bloody delight. He covered everything from technology to generational jealousy, marriage and ambition.

His technology segment was clearly well researched and something he is genuinely interested in. This was, in my opinion, his strongest and most relatable content, which considered all ages gaps in the audience. At some stages his facts combined with humour were so compelling that I felt like I was at a Ted Talk.

From this, Arj detailed all the changes in his life since being married, with his life getting “0.9 times better” and now “legally” doesn’t need to attract another human being ever. “I mean, I’m wearing camping pants on stage” he said. Oh, those glorious multi-functional pair of pants. He makes marriage seem awesome.

Even his spiel of trying to get people to buy his merchandise was utterly hilarious. He spent the last 10 minutes selling his ‘inspirational’ sticker pack to the crowd, and even gave his household building YouTube channel Do It Yourself TV a shout out. The catch is that he has no idea what he’s doing. But hey, at least you can find out how to coil your garden hose perfectly or build dog stairs.

One thing to consider is that Barker does tend to pull the microphone away from his mouth so he can talk with his hands and yell a touch louder in his skits, so I would recommend sitting as close to the stage as possible.

After 30 years in comedy, it’s fair to say that his jokes are tried and true, and his craft is golden.

4 out of 5 stars for Arj Barker. Grab a ticket to one of his last 4 shows here!

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