This was a weird week.

So, on Tuesday morning at around 7:30am, Fresh listeners started calling Cam & Alex to get answers to the question sweeping the city… just WTF was with the fake-blood-covered bunny roaming the streets of Adelaide, playing awful music!? We were inundated: text after call after text of you guys saying you were terrified of the bunny, you’d been chased by the bunny, that there was more than one bunny (thankfully that one wasn’t true), that the dude in the costume needed to “get a real job.” We’re not sure why Fresh 92.7 listeners turned to us for authority on this troubled dude, but we were determined to find the answer.

We didn’t have to wait long to find out our answer… and it totally wasn’t what we expected. On Wednesday, it all came to light. One of the wacky, hilarious, commercial breakfast shows in town used it as a stunt to get promo for their new weekend breakfast show. They conceded that they didn’t really get a whole lot of publicity out of the stunt – possibly because blood-stained animal men aren’t typically known as effective marketing tools, but hey.

The only attention they did get was from you guys calling us. Then, the aforementioned wacky and hilarious commercial breakfast show played the audio of Cam and Alex on their show… so, in the end, this whole weird bunny thing actually got US some publicity on another breakfast show!

Have a listen to Cam & Alex’s breakfast cameo below. It’s only fair we return the favour. 😉