“At the end of the first lockdown…a lot of kids came out with serious mental health conditions” – Jack, Headspace Port Augusta 

Amid the global pandemic going on, new research has shown that half of Aussie young people have found their mental health deteriorating in the past few months. Whether it’s losing a job, being forced to move houses or even just being separated from the wider community, there’s no doubt this virus has taken not only a physical toll, but a mental one as well. Research is finding that even parents are also struggling with the impacts of the disease. So how exactly are young people coping and how can we be sure we’re taking care of our mental well-being? We spoke to Jack from Headspace Port Augusta about their research into the issue, and the differences in how youth from different areas are dealing with the pandemic. Erin Faehrmann, the Chief Executive at Youth Opportunities, also gave us the lowdown about the work they do to support young people in Adelaide.

Meanwhile, should we be teaching sign language in schools? It’s definitely a useful thing to know but unfortunately it seems it’s not necessarily widely taught in the early stages of everyone’s education. Caroline, voiced through interpreter Pip, gave us her thoughts on how we can be more inclusive as a society, and whether Auslan should be added to the national curriculum. Also on the show, we take you through the very latest on the Coronavirus situation as well as all that happened in politics this week. We also aim to put a smile on your face in Heaps Good News. Listen in!

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Airdate: August 17, 2020

Reporters: Amy Vogelsang, Arjuna Ganesan & Jamie Bucirde  

Photo: Unsplash

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