“With women coming in, you’re getting changes. But it’s still a structure that was created by men, for men.”  – Irene Pnevmatikos – SA Labor Party

SA was once the frontrunner when it came to involving women in politics, being the first state to allow women to vote and stand in parliament. But in the current era, it’s fallen behind the rest of the nation. With only 29% of SA’s parliament consisting of women, it’s estimated that gender parity won’t be reached until 2050. So after being a beacon of light for the women’s movement, what’s happened? We talked to senior researcher at the Australian Electoral Commission Daniel Marx about the numbers and what it means for female members of parliament. To get a firsthand account from women in politics, we talked to SA Best member Connie Bonaros and Irene Pnevmatikos from SA’s Labor Party.

Also on the show, we deep-dived into RED (Rapid Enterprise Development) and their mission to help those with disabilities get into the world of business and enterprise. Providing support and allowing those with disabilities to start their own small businesses, RED has given people a space to chase their passions. CEO Dr Guy Turnbull gave us the run down on his personal journey and the inspiring stories of those who started their own projects. We also keep you up to speed on what’s been going in politics and tell you about all the Heaps Good News going on. Tune in!

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Airdate: November 16, 2020

Reporters: Jamie Bucirde, Hamish Kearvell & Arjuna Ganesan

Photo: Unsplash

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