“Social media has a huge influence on why wine tours and why wine tourism has expanded hugely.” – Mark Saturno, Longview Vineyard.

Head across to the Eastern states and we can tell you what, they ain’t celebrating their 18ths and 21sts doing wine tastings. That’s reserved for people of your parents’ age. But with wine and vineyards such an integral part of South Australian culture, a wine tour is THE thing to do here.

With beautiful surrounds and high quality food and wine, wineries also get major points in the Instagram department.

Wavelength spoke to Longview Vineyard owner, Mark Saturno, Here’s to Now music festival organiser, Jordan Jeavons, and Manor Basket Range owner, Max Mason, about the influx of younger people in wineries and the future of the traditional wine tour.

Air Date: February 19, 2018
Reporter: Holly Dundon
Photo: Unsplash

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