“I’ve been on the street for fourteen years, and there’s definitely been an increase [in violent incidents involving homeless people].” – Gary, Hutt Street business owner

The Hutt Street Centre, which has proudly serviced the homeless for 64 years, has been the subject of significant controversy for some time. Local residents and business owners want the centre moved, claiming an unprecedented spike in antisocial behaviour from those drawn to the centre. Police dispute this, claiming there has been little increase in reported incidents… but when Wavelength spoke to some local residents, they claimed they had some very good reasons for not reporting what’s been going on in the neighbourhood.

Listen to Wavelength’s investigation into the issue, in which we spoke to residents, Adelaide City Councillor Anne Moran, and Hutt St Centre CEO Ian Cox.

Do you think the Hutt St Centre should move? If so, where else can homeless people in Adelaide go? That was the subject of the next part of our investigation. We spoke to David Pearson, Managing Director of the Don Dunstan Foundation, about the Zero Project. The project has reduced homelessness to “functional zero” in cities across the US and Canada, and wants to do the same in Adelaide.

Air Date: July 2, 2018
Reporter: Michael Migali
Photo: Unsplash

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