“A lot of apps try and harvest as much data as they can…their business model is often based on selling your data” – Dr Sal Humphreys, Lecturer at the University of Adelaide

You use your phone just about everywhere right? In recent times, they’ve become such a big part of our lives; an easy way to kill a bit of time. But merely walking down the street could mean your location, and your data, is being broadcast to a number of organisations.

In Australia, we’re increasingly being tracked, and our data utilised for all sorts of purposes. Telcos hold our data for at least a couple of years, and companies are trying to glean everything they can from us. Attempts to counter this surveillance are becoming increasingly popular though.

So just how are you being tracked through your phone? Can anything in our digital lives truly be considered private anymore? Are there ways to reduce this surveillance?

Wavelength spoke to Dr Sal Humphreys, a senior media Lecturer at the University of Adelaide, to learn more.

Air Date: October 29, 2018

Reporters: Anthony Cox & Andrew Showell

Photo: Unsplash

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