“The message I’m getting from a lot of these people is that they’re quite confused as to where their life’s going” – Tim Dansie, Psychologist 

The dreaded mid-life crisis is a often thought of as a big part of the human condition, but the quarter-life crisis has come into the fore over recent years.

Being in your mid to late 20’s is a massive period of change. Whether it’s going through University, finding work, having doubts over your relationships or even simply life in general, it can be difficult to work out just who you actually are as a person. Yet is the quarter-life crisis actually a negative thing? Could it mean you becoming a better person overall? Does parenting or even what’s happening on social media have a part to play?

Ruth Fallon, a working actor, and Psychologist Tim Dansie, discussed what’s involved in a quarter-life crisis with Wavelength.

Airdate: December 3, 2018

Reporter: Arjuna Ganesan 

Photo:  Unsplash

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