“You always have your phone with you and there’s an expectation that you’re always available … There’s an expectation of continual availability and that becomes difficult for people to manage.” – Dr Aaron Humphrey, University of Adelaide social media lecturer.

Gone are the days of the likes of MSN where you would physically tell the person you’re chatting with that you “g2g” or will “brb”. No, today we’re much less likely to even bother acknowledging we received a message let alone tell the person you’re unable to chat at this second. Yes, being left “on seen” is one of today’s tiring first world problems.

So what’s the appropriate etiquette to follow on social media? Is a double ‘x’ too much at the end of a message? Wavelength talk emoji use, text talk and the evolution of social media etiquette with Dr Aaron Humphrey, social media lecturer at the University of Adelaide.

Air Date: February 26, 2018
Reporter: Jovanna Pantelic
Photo: Unsplash

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