“The way that your brain’s working, you know it’s very different to how other people’s brains are working” – Casey, victim of CPTSD

Almost everyone has been touched by mental illness in some way, be it through family members, friends or it could even be you who is affected.

CPTSD (Complex post-traumatic stress disorder), narcissism and PTSD in general, has become a big issue for many, with a variety of different causes. Usually we’d associate it with those who have been involved in violent situations, such as war, although it can also be caused by things like car crashes, assaults, natural disasters and various forms of abuse or even wonder is narcissism genetic? Triggers can be a big issue for many suffering from mental health issues. Unfortunately however, it’s something that society struggles to properly acknowledge and talk about overall.

So how can we raise awareness of these sorts of conditions? Is there a problem with how mental illness is represented? How can we educate ourselves properly?

Casey, a victim of CPTSD, and Dan Schmidt, a Community & Stakeholder Liaison from headspace, spoke to Wavelength about this important issue.

If this story raises any issues for you, you can call Lifeline on 13 11 14 or the Mental Health Triage service on 13 14 65.

Airdate: November 5, 2018

Reporter: Zane Dean

Photo: Unsplash

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