“People are scared…people are really, really scared” – Jez Heywood, Australian Unemployed Workers’ Union

You may have heard about the Government’s latest changes to the Welfare System for Job Seekers. Rather than simply applying for a certain amount of jobs per month to receive payments, a new points system is being implemented to allow for a wider range of tasks to contribute to their mutual obligation requirements. But what’s behind the changes and how is it actually affecting those within the system? We spoke with Jez Heywood from the Australian Unemployed Workers’ Union and Louise, a South Australian who is currently navigating the changes, to find out more.

Meanwhile, how do Scholarships help to change the lives of young female students in school? To get the lowdown, we had a chat with Cara Varian from the Harding Miller Education Foundation about what they’re doing to help students. Elizabeth Nkombera, a recipient of the Scholarship, also filled us in on what it means for her going forward.

Also on the show, Grace managed to catch the absolute living legend that is Dr Karl for a chat about Climate Change and why SA recently declaring a Climate Emergency is such a big deal. To wrap it all up, Ciarán puts a smile on your dial in Heaps Good News. Listen in!

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Airdate: August 1, 2022

Reporters: Kate Johnson, Amber Young, Maggie Felton, Grace Smith, Ciarán Moffatt & Alex Newman

Photo: Unsplash

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