“It’s a referendum on Trump.” – Dr David Smith

With the announcement of who will win America’s presidential election not far, we try to make sense of the political climate and whether there’s any truth to claims made by Trump about voter fraud. If Biden wins, will Trump actually refuse to leave the White House? Dr David Smith from the United States Studies Centre at the University of Sydney shares his insight into the election and the tactics being used by both nominees. To get the perspective of someone who’s lived in the US, dual-citizen Harrison joined us to share his view of both presidents and who he’s voted for to run the nation.

Also on the show, we get to hear about the origin story of Project Discovery – a bike ride event that helps raise funds to support research in to spinal cord injuries. Dr Ryan O’Hare Doig from SAHMRI tell us about the current methods that are used detect spinal injuries and what more needs to be done to develop better diagnostic tools. We also give you the run down on what’s been happening in Aussie politics and keep you up to speed with the latest coronavirus news. Although things may seem grim, there’s Heaps Good News to cheer you up. Listen to be informed!

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Airdate: November 2, 2020

Reporters: Andrew Showell, Arjuna Ganesan, Amila Dedovic & Adrian Garcia Rodriguez

Photo: Unsplash

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