Monday, 9th October 2017

Adelaide DJ, producer and sound designer Tim Whitt is set to release his new album in a way that’s never been done before, in a rather “unconventional manner”.

Backing on from his song, Sleep At Night, his album Geisel is dropping this Friday, with Whitt organising a unique way to launch his sound – through an Adelaide city soundtrack tour this weekend.

“I decided that I would release the album initially as part of a mobile app which uses your location to play different songs at you,” he said.

He teamed up with a local Adelaide tech company, Wandering Sound, who has created an app called Sound Pocket.

They will be creating a walk which you can go and do and listen to different songs around the city. The idea is that there is a different song of Whitt’s per location, which is supposed to match the surroundings you’re in.

“I’ve been trying to find back alleys off of back alleys, side streets that haven’t actually got a name…Places that are just interesting to go to,” Whitt said.

“I’m hoping that it will change people’s perspective of the music. I’ve found that music has a way of changing the context of everything around it. Just as the same way that everything around it can change how you feel about music.”

The Geisel city soundtrack tour runs two sessions at 3pm this Saturday and Sunday. Tickets are available through Eventbrite and includes a free download of the album.

Head to Whitt’s Facebook to find out more details, or secure your ticket here.