“It’s about promoting the key position of physics…physics itself is very challenging, but also very rewarding” – Professor David Lancaster, Academic Committee

While we’re still a year from the Olympics in Tokyo, here in Adelaide we’re about to play host to the 20th Asian Physics Olympiad.

Over 25 countries, including Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam will participate in the event, which will see competitors put their minds to use in a series of theoretical and practical events. What’s that we hear you ask? Physics isn’t an Olympics-worthy sport? Well, think again. The traditional gold, silver and bronze medals are all up for the taking, all earned through a vigorous battle of the minds. The event lasts from May 5-13, and is sure to be an exciting time for many of Asia’s finest young students.

Wavelength spoke to Professor David Lancaster, a member of the Academic Committee, about the event.

Airdate: April 29, 2019

Reporter: Anthony Cox 

Photo: Unsplash

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