The technology that we have these days is almost at the level that we could implement all the autonomous vehicles on our network” – Christopher Stokes

 The automated car revolution has begun and Adelaide is at its forefront. With recent testing taking place in the city little over a month ago, speculation over how safe this technology really is, is on the minds of CBD goers.

Automated vehicles have long been on the horizon, rising rapidly with the rate of technological advancement, but how close are we really to seeing driverless cars on the regular out on the roads? The discussion surrounds how effective these vehicles will be in reducing driver mistakes and fatalities that could otherwise have been prevented.

Guest Paul Gray CEO of Codha Wireless speaks a bit more about the testing that took place in Victoria Square and the promising decision making process that the vehicles are capable of. Christopher Stokes from the Centre of Automated Safety Research also had some words to say, predicting that fully integrated automated driving is up to 20 to 30 years away. In terms of seeing driverless cars fit onto the roads, the technology is ready while the infrastructure of roads is not. Have a listen to their input below;

See what the people of Adelaide had to say about this influential discussion with automated experts and Wavelength;

Air Date: November 19, 2018

Reporter: Anthony Cox

Photo: Fresh 92.7

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