“If you’re not comfortable, say no, and feel free to seek extra advice” – Dr Lane 

Sexual health is something that many young people struggle to talk about openly, but should we feel a bit more comfortable to seek help and advice?

Despite an increase in the provision of treatments, contraceptives and education services, it seems people still are hesitant to seek help when it comes to sexual health. Increasing rates of sexually transmitted diseases in South Australians under 30, an outbreak of syphilis declared in some parts of the state, and SHINE SA flagging impending closures of some of their facilities around Adelaide, all pose significant problems for many people around the state. Despite the stigma surrounding this issue, it seems that talking about sexual health and seeking help has never been more important.

Considering all this, is there the potential that, without these facilities, sexual health could deteriorate in many areas? How can young people stay safe and protect themselves when it comes to sexual health? Should we be better educated?

Our resident medical man Dr Lane called in to have a chat about sexual health in young people. Carrie also spoke to Wavelength about staying safe during sexual encounters.

Airdate: February 18, 2019

Reporters: Ashleigh Bagshaw & Rachael Grimshaw

Photo: Unsplash

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