“We’ve used so much of the surface of the Earth…biodiversity struggles to survive” – David Paton, Associate Professor of Ecology

Climate Change is undeniably a major concern for many people, and from that comes a big emphasis on sustainability. We’ve changed our shopping bags, reduced plastic usage and modified our eating habits, and now even sustainable clothing is becoming a major trend. So how do you live sustainably? How can we reduce our impact on the environment while still living comfortably? We spoke with Associate Professor of Ecology David Paton about the sustainability of the Australian lifestyle and reducing our ecological footprint. Lauren Crago, the owner of Solomon Street which seeks to create sustainable fashion, also spoke to Wavelength about the aims of the brand.

Meanwhile, Adelaide’s Roller Derby scene is growing and gradually beginning to thrive. With a number of leagues and teams in Adelaide building their profile, we had a chat with a couple of players who are helping to grow the sport on a local level. Also on the show, 808 Threads is a dress hire business helping those who aren’t always able to hire clothing in their own size. Co-Founder Alexia Frangos sat down with us to discuss her inspiration for starting the business.

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Airdate: September 30, 2019

Reporters: Anthony Cox, Nick Rava, Adrian Rodriguez & Kelly Hughes    

Photo: Unsplash

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