“Always better to act early and decisively…[but] I suspect next time we probably might not pull the trigger so early” – Professor Nigel McMillan, Griffith University 

The so called Parafield Cluster has quickly taken over our lives in the past week, not only here in Adelaide but also right around South Australia. It’s been a wild few days and we’re here with a special episode of Wavelength dedicated entirely to covering what’s been happening. First off, we give you a quick recap of the last week, then, just why is there so much concern over this cluster and the virus generally? Professor Nigel McMillan, an Infectious Diseases expert from Griffith University spoke with us about this latest COVID outbreak, the lockdown and the potential for an effective vaccine.

Meanwhile, as you might expect mental health is also a big concern at the moment, and our resident medical expert Dr. Lane lent us his time to discuss the impact of the current outbreak on how we’re feeling and what help is available. SA’s Deputy Chief Public Health Officer Dr Emily Kirkpatrick as well as Professor Adrian Esterman from the University of South Australia also both gave us the lowdown on this particular strain of the virus that’s hit us so hard over the past week.

And to wrap it all up, hotel quarantine is believed to be the original source of our current cluster and also helped spark Victoria’s most recent outbreak. So does the system allowing people back into the state need a bit of an overhaul? We spoke with Professor Catherine Bennett, the Chair in Epidemiology at Deakin University, to get her thoughts on the controversial issue. You can also hear the latest on all thing politics over the past week and turn that frown upside down with plenty of Heaps Good News. Listen in!

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Airdate: November 23, 2020

Reporters: Andrew Showell, Hamish Kearvell, Amila Dedovic, Arjuna Ganesan, Jamie Bucirde & Adrian Garcia Rodriguez

Photo: Unsplash

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