“It may be good as a long term thing if people can behave themselves”

It’s Fringe time in Adelaide, but this year you might see a few Lime Scooters flying past on the streets. But should they become a permanent addition to the city?

American company Lime has finally unleashed it’s electronic scooter program here in Adelaide, following launches late last year in Sydney and Brisbane. After Lime struck a deal with the state government to establish a trial period, you’ve no doubt by now seen the black and green scooters whizzing around the city. But as with anything new, it’s not always positively received, and these scooters are no exception. So what are people thinking about the wave of scooters all over Adelaide? Are there any concerns about safety? Should they stick around after the trial period?

Wavelength hit up the RCC to have a chat to Adelaidians about the new scooter trend.

Airdate: February 25, 2019

Reporters: David Simmons & Luca Rego

Photo: Fresh 92.7 

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