“The reality of what’s happening to animals really made it not be about me anymore” – Lea McBride, Director and Festival Coordinator of Vegan Festival Adelaide

We live an increasingly health and environmentally-conscious world, and it has lead to many questioning whether meat should still be a part of our diet.

While Australia is generally known as a meat-loving nation, browse your local supermarket these days and you’ll see a growing range of plant and soy-based alternatives. It’s definitely a sign of the times, with animal rights protests becoming increasingly common. In Melbourne recently for example, protesters brought parts of the CBD to a stand-still, while other activists have allegedly been crossing onto farmland to protest. Not only have there been concerns raised over the treatment of animals, but also the effect meat production has on the environment. While the reaction to the protests has been pretty mixed to say the least, do these activists have a point? Should we be dropping meat from our diet? What benefits does a move like that have?

Wavelength spoke to Lea McBride, the Director and Festival Coordinator of the Vegan Festival Adelaide, about having a vegan lifestyle. Nutritionist Chris Hobson also spoke to Wavelength about making a vegan diet work.

When we lent you the mic, there were a variety of views. Pietro discussed his concerns for the environment as his reason for going Vegan. Chris, a farmer, talked about his issues with meat production. Meanwhile Sam also discussed his issues with people going Vegan. Listen in.

Airdate: May 6, 2019

Reporters: Madison White & Bridget Kerry

Photo: Unsplash

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