“We have to be empathetic…sometimes people paint a caricature of people who are whinging – Robert Simms, Adelaide City Council 

Adelaide’s not necessarily always seen as a bustling metropolis, but when we do have events on, usually they can go till pretty late. Naturally there’s an existing curfew on many areas around the CBD, with events allowed to go until 3am at the latest on weekends. But with many city residents complaining that outdoor events are creating too much noise, the Adelaide City Council is currently going back and forth on a proposal to change the existing curfew. This proposal could see events, particularly in Light Square and Pinky Flat, forced to finish by 1am on weekends. So are residents justified in wanting events ending earlier? Robert Simms, an Area Councillor from the Adelaide City Council spoke to Wavelength live about the issue and what exactly the council is considering.

Meanwhile, phones are becoming faster and faster, particularly with the new 5G network being rolled out. But it seems the energy our phones emit has people worried about their health. Chris Althaus, CEO of the Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association spoke to Wavelength to clear up the confusion. Also this week, the AIR (Australian Independent Record Labels Association) Awards were just held in Adelaide, celebrating independent music throughout Australia. What exactly went down? Who took out the major awards? We sent a couple of our reporters along to take you through it.

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Airdate: July 29, 2019

Reporters: Andrew Showell, Rachael Grimshaw & David Simmons 

Photo: Fresh 92.7 

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