“When you have coeliac disease and it’s symptomatic, it’s not remotely fun or pretty” – Simone Douglas, Publican at The Duke of Brunswick Hotel

Going gluten free is a big thing for many people these days, especially when it’s a medical necessity, however it can make going out for a meal quite a challenge.

Coeliac disease and gluten intolerance, among other conditions, affect many people, and can make dining just that bit more difficult. Look at a menu in a restaurant, a pub or a cafe these days and chances are there will be gluten free options, with some places more accommodating than others, and many eateries are now deciding to go entirely gluten free. Here in Adelaide, The Duke of Brunswick Hotel on Gilbert Street has recently done just that, with their food menu now entirely gluten free. So why are restaurants and pubs including more gluten free options? Should more be making the switch? How are kitchens being safeguarded?

Wavelength spoke to Simone Douglas, Publican at the Duke of Brunswick Hotel, about their shift to a gluten free kitchen. Kathleen Sisson, an educator at Coeliac South Australia, also spoke to Wavelength about Coeliac disease and restaurants becoming coeliac accredited.

When we threw the convo to you, Christina talked about her experience with coeliac disease and what she thinks eateries should be doing to accommodate gluten intolerance.

Air Date: April 8, 2019

Reporter: Madison White

Photo: Unsplash

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