Monday, 5th June 2017

Running your own publication seems like a daunting task, and making it successful doesn’t come easy.

However, with the rise in social media and blogging, people are beginning to shy away from applying for jobs at big organisations, and leaning towards the idea of running their own websites and magazines.

The young locals behind The Adelaidian, Yewth Mag and City Brief, have seen their hard work and creativity draw in more and more readers throughout Adelaide.

The Adelaidian is an online blog that aims to give readers food, fashion and lifestyle, as well as music reviews, fashion shows and new and upcoming restaurants, both local and national.  It is created and run by Melissa Zahorujko and Kristen Byass, both young woman who study/studied Journalism and have a love of all things Adelaide. And food!

Yewth Mag is an Adelaide based print and online publication with a focus on music, art and culture. Their magazine comes out three times a year, which is “relevant yet long-lasting, a piece of art in itself, because print is not dead”. The publication can be found at a bunch of cafes, pubs and restaurants across Adelaide. They also produce awesome videos, DJ mixes and have a heavy social media presence.

City Brief, created in 2015, is a quarterly publication that acts as a city guide for Adelaide. Their websites says they focus solely on local, independent places, put into nine categories: food, drinks, shops, culture, makers, events, neighbourhoods and transport. They don’t charge for a feature in their guide, helping small businesses to promote their brand on a platform that reaches over 15,000 readers per issue.

On Wavelength, Anthony Dodd speaks to the young people behind these fast-growing publications about their experiences creating something from the ground up.

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