“‘Am I being a good person?’ That’s really the self-defence question”  – Adrian Cartland, Karate Instructor

Do our self-defence laws need a refresh? There are concerns that our current laws are too vague with seemingly no clear indication of how far a person can go to defend themselves in potentially life-threatening situations. Some cases have seen sentences imposed for those in self-defence situations where a judge has deemed ‘unreasonable force’ has been used. So should there be reforms made in this area? What amount of ‘force’ is appropriate? Firstly we spoke with Craig Caldicott, an experienced Defence Lawyer here in Adelaide about the finer details of our self-defence regulation. Adrian Cartland, a Karate instructor with over 25 years’ experience, also gave us his thoughts.

Meanwhile, Social Media is a major part of our lives. It’s a place for interacting with friends, family and strangers, and for some, even doing business. But it’s not always the most positive place, and ‘doomscrolling’ has definitely become a problem for many. So should we be logging off for our own good? We had a chat with Sora Park, Professor of Communications at the University of Canberra to discuss the issue. Also this week, we bring you the latest on what we can all safely agree has been a tumultuous week of politics, as well as cap it all off with some Heaps Good News. Listen in!

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Airdate: November 09, 2020

Reporters: Arjuna Ganesan, Amila Dedovic, Hamish Kearvell & Jamie Bucirde

Photo: Unsplash

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