“Ideally you should see how something works…before you buy it” – Daniel Marquet, Lawyer at Corrs Chambers Westgarth

Chances are you may have heard about Cyberpunk 2077 over the past few months. Built up over years as one of the most ambitious video games of all time, the game launched last December to outrage over its serious technical issues. PlayStation have even stopped selling the game on their digital store. So with this sort of situation increasingly happening for new releases, should we reconsider pre-ordering games when they’re not guaranteed to be playable? We spoke with Alex Walker, the Editor of gaming website Kotaku Australia, as well as Lawyer Daniel Marquet from Corrs Chambers Westgarth, to get the lowdown on the situation and also whether gamers are entitled to refunds for faulty games.

Also this week, the stigma around periods and how it affects women accessing sanitary products has long been an issue, however one young woman’s been recognised for her efforts to fight it. Isobel Marshall, who’s just become the SA Young Australian of the Year, spoke with us along with her TABOO co-founder Eloise Hall, about their work to provide sanitary products to woman in need. Meanwhile, the past couple of weeks have seen multiple allegations of sexual assault spring up around Parliament House in Canberra. The controversy has led to questions over who knew what and when they knew it, all the while complaints continue to stack up. We fill you in on all the details. The show wraps up with a look at the brighter stories from the past week, so listen in!

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Airdate: March 1, 2021

Reporters: Amila Dedovic, Arjuna Ganesan & Hamish Kearvell

Photo: Unsplash

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