“We’ve got to work on what we can control…and not worry about the stuff we can’t” – Tim Dansie, Psychologist

From being unable to see friends and relatives, to businesses closing and hundreds of thousands joining the welfare system, COVID-19 has dramatically altered our society over the past few months, and it seems it may still affect our way of life for months to come. With cases of the virus continuing to drop around the country, many are returning to work, which is understandably causing a bit of anxiety for some. We spoke with Psychologist Tim Dansie and Dr Ruchi Sinha, who has a PHD in Organisational Psychology, to find out a bit more on the issue.

Meanwhile, as restrictions continue to ease right across the state, people have been flocking back to pubs for a few bevs. We have a look at how our back in business pubs have been doing in the first couple weeks of (relative) normality, as well as have a quick chat with Ian Horne, the CEO/General Manager of Australian Hotels Association’s SA branch. Also on the show, we try to bring a smile to your face with some Heaps Good News, while you can also hear the latest on the Coronavirus pandemic. Listen in!

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Airdate: June 15, 2020

Reporters: Adrian Garcia Rodriguez, Sam Talbot, Amila Dedovic & Arjuna Ganesan

Photo: Unsplash

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