“The first misconception [behind UBI] is that it’ll make people lazy. There is very little evidence for that” – Dr Jeremy Baskin, Senior Fellow – Melbourne School of Government

The Coronavirus pandemic continues to grip the world, but while there is much focus on the health situation as it stands at the moment, our economy could be in for some hard times for the foreseeable future. The government is currently rolling out a number of multi-billion dollar stimulus measures to help support businesses and those out of work. Unfortunately, that all comes at a cost. So what sort of shape will our economy be in once we get to the other side? Will our international economic relations with other countries still be strong? We had a chat to Professor Hans Hendrischke from The University of Sydney Business School to discuss our future economic relationship with China. Dr Jeremy Baskin, a Senior Fellow at the Melbourne School of Government, also spoke with us about the prospect of a universal basic income (UBI).

Meanwhile, Australia is often considered the digital piracy capital of the world. But do our bad habits also help to fund terrorism? To find out more, we spoke to Lori Flekser from Creative Content Australia, who says piracy raises many issues. Also on the show, we give you some Heaps Good News in our latest segment to help brighten up your week, as well as find out the latest on the Coronavirus crisis.

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Airdate: May 11, 2020

Reporters: Amila Dedovic, Anthony Cox, Adrian Rodriguez & Hamish Kearvell

Photo: Pixabay