The OzAsia festival is back better than ever for 2017. It’s all about bringing music, dance, theatre, food and hospitality from countries all across Asia to people in Adelaide.

This is the kind of festival that has something for everyone. With an abundance of dumplings, colourful moon lanterns filling the sky, a 40 metre long Hong Kong dragon and fireworks, OzAsia is bursting with good vibes and it’s guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

ozasia moon lantern

ozasia hatsuneOne of the most anticipated events of the festival is an opera performance from the famous virtual popstar Hatsune Miku. It sounds crazy, right? Anthony Dodd has got all the info for you in our Podcast below. He also went to check out the Lucky Dumpling Market and had a chat to OzAsia’s artistic director to find out how the festival maintains its authenticity.

The Lucky Dumpling Market will be open every night until the 8th of October, and OzAsia will also be hosting a special Moon Lantern Festival on October 1st. So head to the Adelaide Festival Centre, grab some food and enjoy the vibrant festival vibes along the riverbank. To see what other events are on at this year’s OzAsia Festival, check out the full program here.

Catch Wavelength every Monday night, 6-7pm on Fresh 92.7.

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