I want to make sure that we have got the scheme that we fought for. It’s our NDIS – and [that] we’re going to keep it.” Samantha Connor, President of People with Disability Australia

Currently, there are 430,000 participants in the NDIS. Under a new government proposal, they would be required to undergo a mandatory assessment with government-contracted health professionals rather than providing evidence from their own doctors and specialists. While the scheme would be free of charge, it has received considerable push back from disability advocates, as well as Labor and the Greens. To better understand how this would affect NDIS participants and the issues with the scheme, we talked to President of People with Disability Australia Samantha Connor.

Also on the show, we chat to Dr Lane about the annual awareness campaign Exercise Right Week. At the end of every May, the movement aims to highlight the benefits of getting active and looking after your health. Dr Lane gives us the run down on how 30 minutes a day can help our body and minds in the long term. To keep up to you speed, we also explain the new affirmative consent laws passed in New South Wales and sprinkle in some Heaps Good News.

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Airdate: May 31, 2021

Reporters: Jarad McLoughlin, Arjuna Ganesan, Hamish Kearvell, and Jamie Bucirde

Photo: Unsplash

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