“We cannot expect the future to be the same as a the past. The future is changing very rapidly, all the time.” – Professor of Biology (Macquarie University) Lesley Hughes

With events like Black Summer and more recently, the 2021 Eastern Australian floods, it has become impossible to ignore the natural disasters happening in Australia. With two ‘once in a century’ disasters happening only a year apart, are we prepared for what’s to come? In order to understand how the change is climate is contributing to extreme weather, we were joined by Professor of Biology (Macquarie University) and Climate Council Councillor Lesley Hughes. To better prepare for these events, the government is establishing a National Resilience, Relief and Recovery Agency with the aim to support local communities when responding to large-scale natural disasters. To see what strategies will be implemented and how it will work with existing agencies, we talked to the Minister for Agriculture, Drought and Emergency Management David Littleproud.

Also on the show, we take a look into a new bar joining Adelaide’s nightlife called My Lover Cindi. Overflowing with crowds on opening night, the space caught people’s attention due to its desire to be a queer safe-space that is disability friendly. We sit down and have a chat with co-owner Kate Toone about the new space and what inspired its creation. And to keep you in the loop, we also give a run down on what’s been happening with India’s COVID-19 crisis.

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Airdate: May 10, 2021

Reporters: Amila Dedovic, Arjuna Ganesan, Hamish Kearvell & Jarad McLoughlin

Photo: Unsplash

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