“I would say the most challenging part was just convincing people that it was actually going to happen” – Publicity Manager, Elle Worthington 

Although it’s been hard to gain a sense of normalcy this year, some Aussie music festivals have managed to run successfully despite the fact we’re living in a pandemic. Up in Darwin, The Rebound Festival had people from the Northern Territory and interstate come together on October 3rd  to enjoy live music. To understand how organisers adapted to the evolving situation and pulled it off, publicity manager Elle Worthington joined us to share the details on the biggest hurdles in running the festival and what had to be done to pull it off. On the other side of the globe, CEO and Artistic Director of Capsule Lisa Meyer gave us insight into how things are unfolding in the UK and what event organisers are doing to cope during this tumultuous period. To try and anticipate what the future of live music may look like, Marketing Professor Alex Skandalis (University of Lancaster) shared his views.

Also on the show, we delve into the backstory of Sober in The Country and how the charity provides peer support and advocacy for the overlooked rural demographic and for those wanting to cut back or quit their alcohol use altogether. With limited access to health services, people out in the country are more likely to hit the drink, and hit it harder. CEO and Founder Shanna Whan joined us to share her personal story and how the organisation works to help connect others online. In case you want a run down on what’s been happening in politics, we’ve got you covered. We also let you know about the latest news surrounding coronavirus.

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Airdate: November 30, 2020

Reporters: Hamish Kearvell, Amila Dedovic & Andrew Showell

Photo: Unsplash

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