“I wanted to study a Bachelor of Nursing and move to a bigger city…I wanted to challenge myself” – Hayden, who has now completed his degree

There’s been a lot of discussion in recent years about Adelaide kids moving interstate for work or study, but what about young people in regional areas relocating to Adelaide?

Life in the country can be fulfilling, but for some young people, it sometimes isn’t enough. Whether it’s wanting to study, the prospect of work, pursuing sports or simply wanting a change of scenery, many people make the move to Adelaide in search of a new experience. While the move itself can be challenging, the separation from friends and family after moving away can also be difficult for many. Such a dramatic change of scenery is something many of us can only imagine.

So just why exactly do some people relocate to Adelaide from the country? How is life different here? Wavelength sat down to chat with Joel, Glen, Gabby, Hayden and Mel about their life, and making the big move to Adelaide.

Airdate: December 10, 2018

Reporter: Luca Rego

Photo: Unsplash

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