Monday, 9th October, 2017

If you’re one to frequent the nightclub scene, it’ll look like almost everyone is out having a good time. The music’s crankin’, drinks are flowin’, and almost everyone looks chuffed to be out and about.

But there’s certainly a lot of misconceptions about the nightclub scene and the music industry. Most people don’t realise the blood, sweat and tears that have fallen to make a night possible. From bartenders, to security guards, to the DJ vibin’ up on stage. Their job is to entertain the patrons, and it’s really not as easy as it looks.

Callum spoke to Richard, who works as the DJ in the local scene. While also having a full time job, being a DJ is his passion. But he admits sometimes the pressure is just too much.

“You can get that anxiety of everyone staring at you…if you miss a song or a drop and it sounds terrible…people are going to turn and look at you…you’re the centre of attention.”

There’s certainly a lot more to the craft than just playing the music. Touring DJ’s sacrifice a lot of their social life, relationships with family, friends and partners become strained, and sometimes it can be a lonely endeavour.

And the long hours and late nights don’t just dawn on the DJ. It’s the bartenders, promotors and security guards that also feel it, too. While most patrons are just out having a good time, there’s certainly a lot of “unsavoury people” they come across.

As a result of all these factors, mental health can take a toll.

Callum also spoke to his friend Millie about her experience as a bartender here in Adelaide.

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