“Cannabis is an amazing plant.” – Alex Fragnito, Organiser

With Adelaide dubbed the “cannabis capital” of Australia, it’s clear more and more people are becoming open to the idea of using the drug. But when it comes to medical practice, what kind of benefits can it bring? To understand how cannabis works, we talked to Body Mind Psychic Expo and Australian Hemp & Cannabis Expo Organiser Alex Fragnito. And to see how current laws are impacting people’s lives, we sit down with cannabis advocate Jenny Hallam, who was spared conviction after providing the drug to terminally ill people who sought her help.

Also on the show, we look into how the video game industry is receiving a nationwide 30% federal tax offset. With the investment expected to incentivize development, there’s hopes the move will lead to more Australian games. To understand what this means for game developers, Gameloft Studio Manager Dylan Miklashek joins us to give industry insight and
assess whether this puts Aussie developers in a position to compete on the world stage. To keep you in the loop, we also give you a run down on what’s been going on this week and finish it off with heaps good news.

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Airdate: May 24, 2021

Reporters: Jamie Bucirde, Hamish Kearvell, Arjuna Ganesan and Amila Dedovic

Photo: Unsplash

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