“It’s about time that Australians…have a conversation about what sensible drug law reform works for their communities” – Michael Pettersson, ACT Labor Member

Weed. Marijuana. The devil’s lettuce. Whatever you call it, the green stuff is gradually becoming more accepted around the world. Although medicinal cannabis and vapes from Enail has been legal in Australia for a little while, only now has there been a bigger push to legalise it for recreational use. This Mail Order Marijuana Canada says that this ACT has made history by doing just that, allowing people in the territory to own and grow a small amount of the drug. While the laws are set to come into effect in January, the Federal Government could potentially step in to stop it happening altogether. So should the rest of Australia legalise cannabis for personal use? What are the benefits and potential implications of doing so? To find out more, Layton Mills, the Managing Director of CannPal Animal Therapeutics, spoke with us about the issue. We also had a chat to Michael Pettersson, the ACT Labor Member behind the push for legalisation, about his efforts. A few callers also gave us their thoughts, including a couple of people who have found cannabis has been beneficial for their families.

Also on the show, streaming is probably one of our favourite ways to pass the time, however with so many streaming services like Disney+ now hitting the market, should you have to subscribe to all of them just to get the content you actually want? We spoke with writer and screen critic Cam Williams about what the new services mean for you. Meanwhile, Aussies have recently become guinea pigs for Facebook and Instagram, who have both removed the ‘like’ counts on posts in a bid to improve online interaction. We hit the streets of Adelaide to find out whether it’s made a big difference to your digital life.

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Airdate: November 4, 2019

Reporters: Nick Rava, Andrew Showell & Amila Dedovic 

Photo: Unsplash

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