“This is a very new phenomenon, and we’re not really sure of the long term health effects yet” – Dr Lane

Vaping has become a major alternative to traditional smoking in recent years, and it’s growing in popularity. Chances are you’ve seen a vape shop open up in your area. But while it is generally seen as a healthier alternative, is this truly the case?

Throughout Australia, smoking has been gradually on the rise. Recent statistics have shown that a bit over 200,000 Australians are vaping, and with yet another vape store launching in Adelaide recently, there’s no doubt the popularity of the movement is growing. Even non-smokers have taken up the trend. However, despite the regulation that exists throughout Australia, here in SA recent legislation introduced in November has substantially tightened the laws surrounding vaping. This includes restricting the sale of vaping products online and through mail, primarily due to lingering health concerns.

Considering all this, is vaping actually safer for you than smoking? Why do people vape in the first place? Wavelength spoke with our resident medical man Dr Lane, South Australian Senator Cory Bernardi and you on the streets, about the issue.

Airdate: December 10, 2018

Reporters: David Simmons & Ashleigh Bagshaw

Photo: Unsplash

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