“Not all of the vessels used in the live export chain are purpose built livestock vessels … They were actually built to carry cars. I don’t believe animals are cargo at all but if they are going to be cargo you would think our standard would at least be that they at least be in a vessel built for them so this explains their inability to access water troughs, food troughs and ventilation because they were never meant to be on that ship in the first place.” – Amy, Adelaide Against Live Export.

Following an investigation into the live export trade, discussion surrounding Australia’s policy on live export has been a hot topic.

The disturbing footage that aired on Channel 9’s 60 Minutes showed hundreds of Australian sheep cramped together and dying aboard live export ships headed from Australia to the Middle East. Filmed by a navigation officer aboard the ship he said that crew fainted while the sheep were essentially being “put in an oven” unable to leave the boat. More than 1300 sheep allegedly died in two days during the intense heatwave in the Persian Gulf.

This begs the debate whether Australia needs to reassess its live export policies or actually ban it altogether. Wavelength spoke to Amy from Adelaide Against Live Export and Dr David Adamson from the Centre for Global Food & Resources to find out more.

Air Date: June 4, 2018

Reporter: Anthony Cox

Photo: Unsplash

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