“What we’ve found can be a competitive advantage…is if you do something different” – The Disney Diaries 

The Adelaide Fringe is said to be the world’s second largest Fringe festival, but with over 1200 events, is running a Fringe show actually worthwhile?

Every year, hundreds of performers, comedians and singers descend on Adelaide for the Fringe. However, with such a massive amount of shows over the festival period, unfortunately not all of them are going to be successful. Even a couple of years ago, British comedian Alexis Dubus complained about dwindling audience numbers and the larger venues during the Fringe period. So what exactly is it that makes a successful Fringe show? Is it actually worth joining the festival if you’re a smaller act?

Wavelength spoke to Sanja Jovanovic and Jyoti Singh from The Disney Diaries, and Dalestair Kidd of Mythic Mermaids about whether it pays off to hold a Fringe show.

Airdate: February 25, 2019

Reporter: Amila Dedovic 

Photo: Flickr

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