“If it has the ability to have a negative blowback on the employer…the employee could be in trouble” -Michael Kay, Wallmans Lawyers

Public discussion in Australia has been dominated in recent months by debate over freedom of speech, sparked by Israel Folau, a Rugby player who was sacked by Rugby Australia after he made a series of controversial social media posts. Some say it was fair, others say the case shows freedom of speech is slowly disappearing. It’s also got people wondering about how much of a say your employer should have over your private life. To find out more, we had a chat with an Australian Air Hostess, who has experienced issues at work over her social media activity. Michael Kay from Wallmans Lawyers also sat down with Wavelength to discuss the legal side of the issue.

On a lighter note, while Chess may not seem like the most exciting thing in the world, some are able to achieve major success, with one Aussie man even becoming a Chess Grandmaster. We have a chat to Bobby about his story. Meanwhile, no doubt you’ve also heard warnings about letting your cats out at night, particularly with the effects they can have on wildlife. With proposals floating around to either implement a cat curfew, or even a potential cull, we hit the streets of Adelaide to get your thoughts.

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Airdate: July 15, 2019

Reporters: Arjuna Ganesan, Andrew Showell, Bridget Herrmann & Madison White

Photo: Unsplash